Tauranga RDA Equestrian Therapy Centre provides therapeutic horse related activities for children and adults with physical, mental, cognitive, social or behavioural needs. This includes horse riding, horsemanship and vocational skills. Clients range in age from 3 to 65.
Horse riding is an activity which stimulates and exercises both mentally and physically. It is ideal for people with disabilities as well as those that are disadvantaged, at risk or have mental and social issues. Our programs engage people to assist growth, confidence, independence and the development of self esteem.
Tauranga RDA has expanded rapidly in the last five years and provides a service to hundreds of people in the community. Tauranga RDA is raising funds to enable more people in our community to benefit from riding therapy.


Support from our community

Significant Grants from TECT & LOTTERY

Two major grants have been awarded to our organisation providing us with a heightened sense of security as regards our operational costs. As our organisation has grown and our responsibilities in terms of assets and our commitment to our clients expanded we have needed infrastructure and qualified staff to drive and manage that expansion. Without support these operational costs would have to be significantly reduced which would result in less riders on our therapy programs and a reduction in our capacity to meet community needs. These grants ensure we are able to continue providing therapy sessions at the level we are currently operating at – an average of 115 riders a week. They also give us the resources to develop other areas such as our sport and recreation and life skills programs and they provide support for our expansion into equine assisted programs such as EAGALA which will enable us to assist more people within the community.
TECT have awarded us a significant grant. Nearly four years ago they provided the lead gift to the indoor arena project and last year they made a significant grant towards our operational costs. As users of Trust Power we qualify to make application to TECT for support and their generosity has played an important role in our growth over the past few years.
For the second time LOTTERY has provided us with a multi-year grant to support our operational costs. This grant will run over two years and be applied to salaries and to the costs associated with the management of our volunteer program without which we could not operate. Lottery have been major supporters of ours for a number of years.
Both TECT & Lottery are key to our success supporting as they do the costs associated with providing more than 4000 equestrian therapy sessions in a year.

Other organisations that support our operational costs are COGS, ACORN and Pub Charity.

Latest News

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Student Placements in New Zealand

We are seeking overseas volunteers to come and stay at our wonderful facility and help with our equestrian therapy sessions. Placements of all lengths of time considered. Free accommodation is provided, click link below for more details.

How to Apply


Call for Volunteers

Therapy Sessions – Tuesday through Saturday 8.30 – 1.30pm
Wednesdays from 3 – 4.15pm and Thursdays from 1.45 – 4.00pm
Call Angela O’Donnell our Volunteer Coordinator
on 544 1899  or email  info@taurangarda.co.nz

Find out how more about Volunteering


Volunteer of the Year

Our Volunteer of the Year 2015 is Lynette Farmer. She has been volunteering for us for years and is amazing, reliable and great with the kids and horses. We are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

How to Volunteer